The Pillars of Owned Content

In my last post, we talked about the Owned Content revolution and how brands must be in the business of creating rich multi-platform, multimedia experiences to create “SuperFans” that can serve as brand advocates.

Like anything with content development, it looks blissfully easy. Make some content, create a web page, slap together a video, and you’ve got something. However, it just looks easy. Scattershot strategy and poor planning will often just result in an embarrassing mish-mash of content being out in the world and representing your brand.

At that rate, you’re not creating SuperFans, just confused people.

So, how do you create an owned content strategy that envelops the customer, and doesn’t repel them? Also, how do you do it in a simplified, straightforward manner for your business?

Think of owned content strategy in three pillars: Platform, Content, and Publication.

Platform – Think of everything you need to run your website, blog, or web experience. This is basically the infrastructure. What do you have to think about it to make it consistent across all sorts of multimedia?

Content – The good stuff. The thing you’re mainly thinking of when it comes to convincing the customer. What are you going to say? How are you going to say it? What’s your rhythm of communication for making this work most effectively?

Publication & Promotion – The website you publish to, the YouTube channel you own- what does it look like? How often do you update it? Who is in charge of keeping it fresh and engaging, even during a “content lull”? What does “fresh” mean to you? Finally, how are you getting people to your content?

Over the next several posts, I’ll do a deep dive on each of these pillars, and help you prepare to win your place in the “Owned Content Revolution.” JG Initial Mark_15x15

Joe Gura is a marketing communications strategist, and has a Master of Science degree in Integrated Marketing Communications from West Virginia University. Connect with Joe on LinkedIn or follow Joe on Twitter: @joegura

About joegura

I’m a technology marketer with a deep track record for success running B2B and B2C global campaigns and initiatives across large enterprises. With expertise that spans all facets of traditional marketing, I specialize in optimizing and connecting companies and customers via next-generation tactics such as digital, social, and content marketing.
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