Customer Centricity

It’s no longer about brands. It’s about people.

Too often in marketing, the first kickoff meeting for a campaign begins with, “What are our key messages?”.

The question that I always ask is, “What is it we want our audience to do?”FILE_Customer_Centric

When the audience, in reality our consumers, read, scan, or watch our owned content, what would we like them to do? The simplistic answer is, “buy something,” but there’s more to it than that. We want our customers to buy our product based on our value proposition. When it comes to marketing collateral, we want them to feel something inside, and use that motivator that drives them to choose our brand over another.

In essence, we’re asking people to “feel something”. What do we want them to feel after they see this?

As a creative, I look at project with this lens. I want my audience to think, to feel, and to be convinced that my client has the right idea. Ideally, the thought is, “I didn’t know that company did that much for their customers.”

Every single decision and recommendation I make on a project or campaign comes through this paradigm. What do I want someone to think? How do I want them to feel? What information do I feel is most important for them to know when it comes to making an informed decision? What’s the best, most simple, and most effective way I can share this information with them?

I see marketing, and specifically owned content marketing, not as a series of vehicles to deliver a clients core messages, but rather as an opportunity to wrap a brand around the thoughts, needs, wants, and wishes of an individual. It’s all about being customer centric, especially in this environment.

Our current technology landscape allows for faster, more democratized two-way communications than ever before. High-quality video cameras sit in every pocket. Social media puts the simplest of conversations in the public eye. Brands have to rise to this challenge through a new mindset, one of customer centricity. JG Initial Mark_15x15

Joe Gura is a marketing communications strategist, and has a Master of Science degree in Integrated Marketing Communications from West Virginia University. Connect with Joe on LinkedIn or follow Joe on Twitter: @joegura

About joegura

I’m a technology marketer with a deep track record for success running B2B and B2C global campaigns and initiatives across large enterprises. With expertise that spans all facets of traditional marketing, I specialize in optimizing and connecting companies and customers via next-generation tactics such as digital, social, and content marketing.
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